WP14- The last post

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After all this time, sadly this is it. This is my last weekly post. I may post on this blog in the future, but it’s very unlikely. This experience has been a ton of fun. I’d never even considered starting a blog, but after this class I’m glad I gave it a shot. It was so nice getting all my ideas out in the world, no matter how wild my stories get. I really enjoyed this experience and am truly sad it has come to a close. After Christmas break, this class becomes cartooning, which means no more blogging. Unfortunately that also means my stories may not get finished. Knowing this was a possibility, I made sure to leave both stories at a comfortable place. I hope you’ve enjoyed them regardless, they took much thought and time.

Thank you all and goodbye.


WP13- Successful Franchises

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Ever since people can remember, there’s always been ways for humans to entertain themselves. Whether it was barrel ring rolling or stacking rocks, art forms, or just anything to keep someone’s interest, people have been finding new things to do. Then, the dawn of the video games began. Video games in the beginning were mediocre compared to recent standards, but for their time they were groundbreaking. But one thing that rocked the nation, were video game franchises with things to go along with them. Toys, plushes,playing cards, TV shows, you name it, and the most popular things had it. The main examples of this would be Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and other miscellaneous shows like Digimon or Beyblade. These all were very successful franchises. All of these are still running, still having things created for each and every one of them, even after all this time. I grew up with these kinds of things, and to see they’re still thriving is really amazing. Creating things like this is the easiest way to acquire millions and millions of dollars. The more ways a company branches out, the more it spreads and the longer it lasts.


Vatari stirred in his sleep. His body felt like he was a boat on the open sea, bobbing and rocking slowly. The feeling weaved its way into his dreams, his sleep becoming a wondrous scene of sailing. Perhaps he was a pirate, intimidating and strict. Perhaps with a crew of his own, each sporting gold earrings and teeth and sneers so frightening the gods would tremble.


He heard someone call his name. In a state of deep sleep it sounded as though the voice was miles underwater. Then he heard it again, this time the word being accompanied by a touch to his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes, groggy and confused.

“I see you’ve finally awakened.” An amused voice stated from directly behind him.

Vatari felt a feathery tickle on his nose and sneezed. When he opened his eyes he discovered he was resting in the mane of a large horse. He sat up a bit, his back connecting with a large mass.

“Where am I?”

As he asked this he turned his head around, realizing he wasn’t alone. The younger soldier from earlier was behind him, reins in his large hands.

“You’re heading back to our kingdom remember? Part of our deal.” He stared blankly ahead, not even looking down at him.

“You’ve been asleep for almost a full day. I assume you don’t rest often.”

Vatari nodded solemnly, staring downwards. The muscles of the large black stallion rippled under its dusky coat as it transported them the taxing distance. His eyes widened as he looked around, full of wonderment and surprise. He’d heard of places like this. He’d never been far from his rotting shack, the world too large for him to see other than in the pages of the books he’d rescued from the ever hungry hearth. The emerald leaves stared down at him, cresting the twisted, brown branches that sat at the top of each great tree. The trunks loomed over them, intimidating him at first, before he looked up. The golden rays of sun shone through the fluttering leaves and the dew that laced them. Birds chirped cheerily from every direction as the wind waved to them softly. His small mouth gaped, twisting into a childish grin; Chaol smirking behind him.

“Never seen a forest before?”

All Vatari could do was shake his head, his eyes glued, in awe, to the canopy above them.

“Hey. Wanna see experience something amazing?”

Vatari whipped around at this, nodding vigorously.

“Okay. Grab on and hold tight.”

He offered his worn leather reins to Vatari, holding them still for control.

“What’re you going t-” His sentence was brutally interrupted as Chaol snapped the reins sharply, sending the horse bounding rapidly. It’s hooves slammed against the Earth, sending billowing piles of leaves scattering about.

The wind tore at them harshly, whizzing past his ears with a deep whistle. It was terrifying at first; Vatari holding on for dear life, blinking the moisture back in his eyes. But the farther they went, the more amazing and exhilarating the experience became. Chaol’s shout ran through the air.

“Akiea! Now!”

At this jarring and sudden command, the ground seemed to fall away underneath them. The huge stallion pushed off the dusty ground with its heavy hooves. It felt as though they were sailing through thin air. Vatari looked around frantically, taking in every bit of it, face contorted in amazement and happiness. He looked like a child on a holiday; so happy and without any care in the known universe. With a loud thump they connected with earth once more. Chaol pulled the reins back, the horse slowing and stopping with a whinny and a few stomps. Vatari looked back at him, hair a windblown mess and eyes as wide as saucers; a large smile on his face.

“That was amazing! We- We flew! Like a creature of the very sky above! How… That was so so cool!” He continued to fawn over what had happened, something Chaol had come to just think of as normal. Vatari acted as though Chaol was a God for it; and that amused him.

“Akiea just jumped. Nothing too out of this world. Maybe if you don’t cause any trouble you’ll be able to have a horse of your ow-”

“Do it again.”

Chaol blinked at the demand, in shock of how blunt it was.

“Beg your pardon?”

Vatari looked up at him wildly.

“Please? It was so awesome.”

Chaol tried to maintain a hard stare but his attempt was futile. With a sigh he re-positioned the reins in his large, calloused hands.

“Hold on tight, kid.”

Vatari protested at the name, but did as he was told. Then, quick as an arrow, they were off once more.


A gruff yet soft voice rang out from underneath the sturdy helmet of the only just smaller figure.

“My father and I were sent to you for assistance.”

Vatari leaned against the splintery door frame, lifting his goggles higher as he cocked an eyebrow at them,

“Beg your pardon?”

“We were sent to you. You are a craftsman are you not?” This was stated with an undertone of annoyance at how unprofessional the small boy was behaving.

“Craftsman is quite the glorification, my good sir. Slave is more realistic.” A sarcastic sneer laced this response, slight amusement as well.

A painful silence.

“Only kidding. Yeesh you soldiers don’t know how to take a joke, huh?”

They seemed to emit an annoyed grunt, resemblant to that of a bull in a Matador’s arena. This caused Vatari to take a high-browed step backwards, his hands raised in surrender. He pressed against the splintery door even further and gestured inside with a flourish of his small hand. At this, they both pushed past him and into the shack.

“We need new swords. My father’s was obliderated in a tussle with a beast.”

“Unimaginably horrid. Why, I’ve never seen something so terrifying in all my da-”

“Father we didn’t come to tell the commoner your chivalrous stories of heroism. We’ve come to request you a weapon.”

He shifted and turned towards Vatari, “We need your finest material. The best blade you have.

The tan boy gave them a toothy grin, “How about we make a deal.”

“You, child, are in no position to propose such a-”

“Just hear me out okay…”

He gingerly lifted his arm, pulling back the sleeve and showing the unforgiving, metallic appendage.

“I’ll make you the best blade imaginable. Indestructible, stealthy, sleek, and glorious; if, and only if, you get me far far away from this place. The people here treat me less than dirt… I haven’t slept or eaten properly in ages… I can’t take it,” He shook the robotic arm hastily, voice cracking and eyes brimming with tears, “I didn’t ask for this! I don’t want this pain and rejection for something I can’t control..”

His warm, brown irises bore into theirs from below, pangs of guilt striking through their noble hearts as a salty tear made a harsh trail through the grime on his cheek.

The son sighed, “Swear. Swear on your life you shan’t give us the slightest bit of trouble. There’s an opening as the king’s personal forge. Boy, do you truly believe you’re up for the challenge.”

Vatari sniffed, his eyes widening in shock.

“Yes! Yes of course. I promise. I won’t be of any trouble and I’ll make the finest weapons your soldiers have ever been laden with.”

“Very well then. Father?” He looked to the silvery bearded man.

“Welcome to the coalition, son.” His wrinkles folded into a prideful, cheery grin as he extended a chain mailed hand to shake.

Vatari took it eagerly, giving a firm shake. He looked over at the younger soldier. Now that they circumstances were different, he began to feel less afraid. The son of the warrior was tall and well built. His face was harsh but also kind in its own way, his chin etched with stubble. His skin was almost tan, pale but darkened slightly; smooth except for the scars that riddled his epidermis. A jagged scar stretched from his right brow to the edge of his left eye. Speaking of eyes, his were unique. Vatari remembered it as some fancy word. Heterochromia? He didn’t care at the moment. His right eye where the scar began was an icy blue; piercing and harsh with a snowy jolt of ecstasy and mysterious beauty. His left was the exact opposite. His left eye was a rich brown, the center of his iris so dark the pupil was almost invisible. It lightened as it reached the white of the eye, becoming a soft, comforting hazel. Looking into his eyes reminded Vatari of a hearth; deep and warm and full of ferocity, but also tamable and full of meaning.

Vatari hesitantly reached for it, eventually placing his nimbler, slightly daintier hand in the larger one.

“Chaol.” He said gruffly.


“Call me Chaol.” His voice was almost silent as he said this, his eyes flitting around the room.

The small boy ended their handshake and rocked back on his heels, grinning happily.

“Name’s Vatari. I’m 16 and I’m a craftsman. Oh, and I hate short jokes.”

His laugh was almost a jingle, soft and cheery.

“Welcome to the team… Vatari.”

SBC 10- Blog Post

– How many posts did you write? 21
– How many were school based, your own interests, or set by the challenge? Only one of my posts was school based. 6 were challenge based, and the rest were all my own interest.
– In total I’ve received 7 comments. The rest were responses or comment strings.
– My most comments was on my avatar. I believe this happened because of relatability or my appearance.
– The post I enjoyed writing the most was, in all honesty, probably my newest one about my character Vatari. I enjoyed it the most because I had a ton of fun creating the concept and proverbially bringing it to life.
– No I did not change blog themes. I think it looks nice and clean the way it is.
– I have three widgets on my blog. I think this is a decent amount. There’s no need to crowd your blog with extra things.
– I don’t have any overseas students on my blogroll.
– The web tools I used were poll makers, avatar makers, and images I imported.

The Spark (WP10)

A small shack sits on the edge of a cliff. Everything still but the tumbling of thick fog that blanketed the landscape. A faint ticking of gears could be heard as a small male stirred on his ratty cot. His thin brows furrowed under the stray chocolate locks that decorated his head generously; his fist clenching in his tattered sheets. His leg twitched ever so slightly and whimpers escaped his pursed lips. He was a scrawny boy, no older than fifteen and not much meat on his bones. He was small as well. He couldn’t have been taller than 5 feet. His skin was tan and sun kissed despite the constant cloudy climate of his home. His hair thick and full. A rich, dark brown tuft of wild curls. He inhaled shakily in his sleep.

Then calm. Momentarily.

The boy awoke with a jolt, bolting upright before hunching over and breathing heavily, his pupils dilating with fear and discontent. He tentatively reached up and grabbed his left shoulder, rubbing it gently. He hesitated before allowing his hand to cascade lower, finally reaching the sleeve hem of his night shirt. Shakily he raised it, choking back sobs as he stared at this… this thing. It wasn’t him. He refused to address it as it was. It was a foul imperfection, placed upon him to brand him as nothing more than a servant. After the incident he’d had not long ago, the only way to save him was this. This metallic appendage that not only felt heavy on his body, but heavy on his heart. In the land he resides, being what he was, you were nothing. You were simply a slave meant to scurry around at the smallest demand. He wasn’t always like this. He wasn’t always an unnatural combination of machine and man. Wasn’t always what the locals disdainfully referred to as a cyborg.

“What a filthy word.” He muttered to himself shakily, pulling his sleeve back down.

“Vatari! Out here this instant!”

He flinched at the shrill voice but scrambled out of bed, terrified of angering his mistress. He stumbled drowsily out of his rickety shack to where she was awaiting outside. Her hair was a crisp, fierce black. Her face pale and ridden with inhumanity and discontent. She held her parasol above her head, looking down upon him. Being as small as he was he barely reached past her midsection. This was yet another thing that inflated her power over him.

“What exactly did you think you were doing?” She asked bitterly, glaring down her sharp nose at him.

“I was sleeping, Miss.”

“Did I give you permission to do so?”

He didn’t dare respond. In that instance the hemline of his nightshirt was much more interesting than it had ever been. He stared downwards, nervously wringing the ragged article of clothing between his small, scarred hands.

“I asked you a question. When I ask you a question you are to answer. You are nothing more than a pet. A servant. And servants are made to do as they’re told. I’m telling you to answer me. Did I give you permission to sleep?”

He shook violently; swallowing the last bit of saliva in his now dry mouth. His words came out in a hoarse, quivering whisper.

“No… I…”

“Save it. To your shop. Your work day starts now.”

“Now?! But the day hasn’t even broken.”

“Did you forget our little talk?” She sneered.

“No. Apologies I’ll get right on it Madam.”

He bolted towards his workshop farther in the cliff. He stumbled over sharp rocks, battering his skin. He reached the door and opened it, allowing a shaky sigh to escape.

“Well… time to get to work I suppose.”

He shuffled around, grabbing his goggles and tools. He hadn’t even time to change, his sleepwear floated around his ankles as he gathered the necessities.

He worked for what seemed like an eternity when finally, the smallest spark of sun peeked through the haze. He was crafting a saddle horn when a harsh knock sounded on the aged wooden door.
He mumbled something incoherent to himself before setting down his tools and heading to open it for his first customers of the day.

“Hello. I make stuff I guess. How can I help you today.” He said this in a monotone voice, rubbing his eye tiredly with a greasy hand.

The visitors looked at him with an air of confusion. He looked simply a mess. He was in a filthy potato sack of a nightshirt, his hair splayed in all directions; face smeared with charcoal and grease. The visitors were large and clad in pure looking metals and silks. Staring up at them with a look of feigned confidence, thoughts ricocheted around in his brain.

Who were they?

SBC5- Let’s Talk About School: Lunches

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At our school cafeteria, they serve breakfast and lunch. For breakfast they have things such as muffins, hash browns, sausage, burritos, and many other simplistic breakfast dishes. There are many choices and they vary based upon the day. You can eat either breakfast or lunch at our school. They don’t let you leave until you grab something healthy though. A balanced meal is extremely important for energy and education. If you starve yourself or eat unhealthily you become tired and it’s hard to function. It’s crucial that schools serve healthy lunches as ours does.

Serving breakfast at school is also important. Some children either don’t have the time or the money to eat breakfast. Providing the option for them to eat is healthy and helps them grow. Eating is extremely important. Next time you eat lunch at school, check what you picked. How healthy is it really?

Count Out Three

Fang Yu’s blog is interesting because she has so many posts. The format of her blog is also clean and simple. It’s easy to navigate through. I like her views on things. This story she wrote is very nice and interesting as well!

Ava’s blog is very nice as well! I love the format and the nice background. Her posts are extremely informative and scientific! I enjoy this blog very much. This post about auroras is very interesting.

For my last blog selection, I recommend Kieran’s blog. I really love all their amazingly interesting posts about sharks! Sharks are one of my favorite creatures and I found their page extremely unique and informative. This post about basking sharks is very interesting as well! I had no idea such a scary looking thing could be a sunbather.

House In The Woods- WP9

“You’re him… The one who saved us.” The statement was carried on shaky breaths of shock.


“When I was a kid. The wolves. You saved us.”

“Oh My Gods that was you?! How- What brings you all the way out here?!”

Eirik looked down, eyebrows knitted in contemplation; “You.” He stated simply.

“Me?” The man repeated again; this was beginning to irritate Emil.

“Yes! Yes you! I’m starting to think your skull is as thick as that ridiculous ax you drag around.”

He said this bitterly, jerking his head in the general direction of the weapon that lay in the snow.
Eirik said nothing, far too tired and ecstatic to shut him up.

“We- We found you! I can’t believe it…”

“I can’t either… And I was told we were too far out for those villagers to find us…” He shook his head with a sigh.

He looked back at them and his face lit up faster than it fell; a ridiculous grin exploding across his features.

“Anyways, best be off. Too cold out here.” He bent down and began hoisting up his friend. He allowed him to attach to his back before he bent down again, grabbed his ax, and began to walk.

Emil and Eirik stood there, amazed at his strength and confused of what to do next. Mathias looked over his shoulder and paused, his grin ever present.

“You coming? Or are you gonna try to be the world’s grumpiest human popsicles.”

“Ha ha very funny wise guy.” Emil rolled his eyes before trudging after him. Eirik shook his head before following suit.

The landscape was as vast and unforgiving as ever, but seemed more heartwarming with a group of companions.